Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yeah I know, we do not have Spring here in the Philippines. But I always love the idea - subtle colors, perfect weather, new beginnings. And that reminded me why I chose Spring as our wedding theme. =)

And speaking of beginnings, that's the state I am right now. I am pretty much caught up with a few orders while doing some marketing stuff on my new page. It is not easy to start anything. Even creating a new FB page is totally not!

I started doing daily candy features, just to familiarize not just my audience but including myself, on different varieties of candies I can use for the buffets. Colors and flavors? You name it. I was also surprised that the selection can be this overwhelming. =)

I just posted an inspiration photo I got from AVS Events site while 'googling'. Ahhh, truly lovely!

It always motivates the bewildered me. =)

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