Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye, May!

Wow, that was fast!

I remember posting my month-long promo early May and now, June is already around the corner! Yes, it's the 31st of May, and I'm not really that good in saying goodbye.hehe. But gone are the super hot summer days we experienced and now welcome the rainy season. Yes, as a matter of factly, it's pouring so hard outside just about now. I am not complaining. I realized that it's something to be thankful for. =)

So as we say goodbye to May, let's welcome another great month worth looking forward to - June! And yes, school starts in a few days. I'm pretty excited for my 7 year-old princess who is going Grade 2. Oh yeah, she's a big girl now. Another great thing to be thankful for.

So, see you guys in June! =)

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