Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is my first ever post on this blog. Excited and kind of overwhelmed. =)

Just to give you an overview, I will be sharing to you here all my crafts-related experience, successful or I just started this crafts project after being inspired by a lot of handmade craft items I have seen when I was searching for a cupcake topper. If you want to know how everything started, read on...

I have been baking since 4 years ago, but not really professionally. I bake for family and friends, and sometimes sell goodies to my officemates. I had this cupcakes order from a friend who wanted to have a personalized 'happy birthday' decorated on the cuppies. So I searched for local suppliers and all I saw were the usual candy toppers. Personally, I am not a very big fan of sweets. So if you ask me, yes, I take out the sweet toppers and sometimes the frosting itself and just eat the cake. I am guilty of that. So while I was on a search frenzy, I came up with an artistic idea as an alternative to sweet toppers. Yes, paper toppers! I surely have seen these somewhere, so I went 'googling' for the next hour or so. And the whole idea was born... =)

So there you go. It started with cupcake toppers, and then everything else followed. And hope you too follow me through this journey. Later! =)

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